Infrared Thermography


C&G Building Services L.L.C. provides professional home inspections utilizing infrared thermograph . When buying or building a home it is important to understand the condition of the home and infrared photographs can show you what is behind walls and ceilings.

It is our mission to provide the most informative and comprehensible inspection and reporting available.

Moisture and leakage can be detected to avoid potential trouble which can lead to unplanned and costly repairs. The electrical systems are checked to ensure safety operation and condition The infrared thermal technology also gives accurate measurements in temperatures helping detect overheating wiring, breakers, outlets, and switches as well as heat/cool loss.

Cost Savings

Today’s increased energy costs with emphasis on conservation and the environment have made home inspections essential to savings on utilities and help promote comfort at home in both winter and summer. Infrared thermal technology helps us detect missing insulation and heat and cool losses.

Wall Insulation

Wall Insultation  Wall Insultation

Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling Insulation  Ceiling Insulation

Door Leaks

Wall Insultation  Wall Insultation


Electrical  Electrical


Wall Insultation  Wall Insultation


Radiant Leaks  Radiant Leaks
  • Houston Assocation of Realtors
  • Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors
  • National Association of Certified Thermographers
  • NSPF Certified, Pool, Spa Operators